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We are a new company that designed and developed a unique SMS (Text) advertising platform, and I would like to introduce it to you. Specifically, We are looking for 100 small and medium-sized businesses to do case studies. In return, we would put your logo with a description of your business on our website.  Plus we will write a post on our blog, with a link to your site.

Check out TXTplanet.com. Here are some benefits:
(1) Exclusive territory. Once you join, your competitors can not.
(2) Build and use your contact list as well as use other merchant lists within your merchant group.
(3) Send your SMS messages individually or in bulk.
(3) Every message you send is read immediately.
(4) Sale conversions are 40% higher than any other media.
(5) Cost of Customer acquisition is the lowest than any other media. (Typical cost is $3.50 to get a new customer)
(6) Text planet can do your marketing for you at no charge. Saving you time and money so you can do what you do best.

The cost is minimal (almost Free), and our SMS marketing is extremely effective. Use our Customer Acquisition Calculator so you can see the cost to get a new customer, the number of new customers and, sales revenue and the ROI for using our service.

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Mike Kitson

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com