What is a significant problem with the small business community? Healthcare. One of the most significant issues is attracting and retaining employees.  Small Business needs Universal Healthcare.

Employees need security. People need protection so that a major illness will not financially destroy them. Having a catastrophic illness is a significant fear for everyone. It is the most significant fear an uninsured or underinsured worker has.

Twenty years ago most employees had employer health insurance. That disappeared except for major corporations and Government employers. Employees will seek the best health insurance for the least cost. Small business cannot compete as they can not afford the cost of health insurance.

Therefore employees will now change jobs for an employer that has health insurance. The need for Universal Healthcare should not be a surprise to anyone. The cost of health insurance is crazy, absurd and even criminal. Lower tax rates are useless for anyone except the uber-rich. Let’s get real.

Let’s look at the numbers.
Below are examples of the healthcare cost per capita for various countries.
USA    $9892    Average Lifespan 79.3 yrs
Japan $4519     Average Lifespan 83.7 yrs
Chile  $1977      Average Lifespan 80.5 yrs

There are 30 countries in the world that have populations that live longer than the USA. The average Japanese person lives 4.4 years longer than the average American, yet their healthcare cost is half of the US. Chile spends one-fifth of the USA health care cost, yet their population lives longer! The USA spends multiple times more per person on healthcare yet fails miserably when trying to protect their population as a whole. That is because people can not afford the current healthcare. The poor and middle class die from diseases because people are not diagnosed soon enough. The poor and middle class can not afford to see a doctor, so they suffer and die needlessly.

It is pure and simple; people need universal healthcare. The numbers are undeniable. No amount of lying or the standard bullshit discourse of why we shouldn’t have universal healthcare isn’t acceptable any longer.

Small business is the job driver, the source of innovation and contributes to a better economy in all communities. Small business is being “killed by giant corporations and the government who can offer healthcare to their employees.

Small business needs to get up from their desks and march for universal healthcare.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com