Advertising is big business. Advertising is a $207 Billion business. Advertising spends increased $24 Billion in just two years (2015-2017). All media spending is constant or in decline except for digital advertising.

Dying Media:
Here is a list of various Advertising Media you should not spend any money on:
Directories (Yellow Pages, etc.)
Out of Home (Billboards, Blimps, etc.)
You should not pay a dime on any of the above advertising vehicles. Their audience is just like Harley Davidson customers…dying. What is the point in advertising in any medium that you know no one reads, listens to, or watches? This realization brings us to Digital Advertising.

Growing Media:

Some simple facts.
Digital now accounts for 51% of all advertising and is growing.

Mobile advertising is growing at 26% per year.

Display advertising is currently the most substantial portion of the Digital Advertising pie at 50%. Display advertising includes web-based banner ads, video, rich media*, native ads** and social media***.

*Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced features like video, audio, or other elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content. (courtesy Google)

** Embedded ads such as product placement within an article.

***Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Search ads account for 44% of the total digital advertising spend with mobile search growing and desktop search slowly declining.

In summary, the world of advertising continues to adapt to the digital era. Like all things, eventually, everything goes into the downward sloping bell curve. Traditional advertising has had a good run but is now losing its importance with the advertiser.

The advertiser has to know that their advertising has an audience. With Digital Advertising the advertiser not only knows they have an audience, but they can pinpoint who that audience is with incredible accuracy.  The only media that is more accurate and timely is SMS advertising.


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Michael Kitson COO