TXTplanet Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator is up and running! The purpose of the calculator is so that any merchant or business operator can estimate the cost to gain a customer using the TXTplanet platform.

There are three inputs that table needs. You will need to estimate these inputs.

(a) Sales per month per customer. This input is your estimate how many times during a month on average does a customer buy your products or services.

(b) Average Sale Amount. Average Sale Amount is the total monthly revenue divided by the number of transactions in that month.

(c) Current Customer Acquisition Percentage. Current customer acquisition percentage is the percentage of new customers resulting from an advertising campaign. As an example, if your business mailed 10,000 advertisements and you achieved 100 new customers your customer acquisition percentage would be 1 percent. Typical advertising customer acquisition rates are anywhere between half a percent and 2 percent.

SMS marketing is much more effective than any other type of advertising medium. SMS marketing is at least 140 percent more effective.

The TXTplanet calculator will estimate:

(a) How many new customers you will gain in 6 months.
(b) The cost to get a single new customer.
(c) The total amount of new revenue in 6 months due to the TXTplanet platform.
(d) The Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is the amount of income divided by the amount of money the business has spent on TXTplanet advertising.

We don’t know of any other marketing company that is as transparent as TXTplanet. We provide this customer acquisition cost estimate so that a business can easily see the financial benefits using our platform.

We believe that no one else does this because they don’t want you to see your actual advertising costs and how much you will make using their services.

Please see our other posts that clearly show nearly all other advertising is a waste of money.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com