I am sick of being taken advantage of by clickbait advertising. I go to Yahoo or Google news, and their stories are traps to sell shit. I am mad as hell about Google and other search engines screwing their users. We need a permission-based digital advertising system like the GDPR.

Google, FB and other search engines and social media all live on abusing their users. At one time it was about them providing a service, finding the best sites to sell or find articles, but now it is all about screwing their user. Ever increasing revenue for Search Engines is their Business Model. Screw the user, and the consumer is their MO. Permission-based advertising is not in their plan.

As traditional Advertising becomes less and less effective (see other Blog posts), money ($200 Billion / yr) pours into digital advertising. This gold rush has pushed small and medium firms out of the digital advertising game by pushing up rates beyond what they can afford. Only giant corporations can afford the costs to advertise.

Just like in past gold rushes many unscrupulous players come along. Companies that base their advertising on tricks and lies.

But there is hope. With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) act becoming law on May 25, 2018, Europe has fought back for the small guy the ethical player and is trying to even out the playing field. Hopefully, the GDPR will affect international companies to change their business model to change.  At the minimum, user’s awareness that search engines and advertisers are abusing them will rise significantly.

There is an excellent article from Bloomberg outlining the GDPR and Ad-Blocking options so you can fight the pervasive dishonest advertisers.

Ad-Blockers are now used by:
America 18%
Canada 24%
Germany 29%
Greece 39%

People are sick of the advertisements. Almost 1 in 5 users now block ads, and this is only going to grow. Some will Ad-Blockers also stop FB from tracking you. Nice. Search Engines need to recognize that they have to reduce the number of misleading and intrusive advertisements significantly. Alternatively, users will demand a better, more honest search engine platform that includes permission based regulations.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com