TXTplanet can now manage your SMS campaigns at no extra cost. TXTplanet managing SMS advertising saves merchant members thousands of dollars. We do it for FREE.

Using the information that a member merchant provides during the signup process, and subsequent verbal consultations by our Customer Service Department, we develop a custom-tailored SMS campaign. Let us do this so that you don’t need to. We are highly motivated to make sure we meet and exceed your advertising goals and that your business is a success. Profitable and expanding merchant members are a great way to grow our business.

Just click the “TXTplanet will manage my SMS campaigns” during the sign-up process. If you are a current customer, email us customersupport@TXTplanet.com and tell us that you want us to manage your campaign. We will keep you informed at every step. You will see the texts and approve them before we send them to your customers and thousands of potential customers. You will know your costs exactly. You can change the keywords at any time as your needs change. You can change the message at any time. Also, you can give us constant feedback as to which SMS campaign worked the best for your business. That way you get to use our expertise to ensure the best possible results. We learn what works best for your company.

Merchant members can always opt in or opt out of having TXTplanet manage their SMS advertising at any time.

Having TXTplanet manage your SMS campaigns, is a fantastic opportunity. Most small business owners and managers never have enough time. They are busy doing a thousand essential things, dealing with production, inventory, human resources and dealing with customers to name a few. By letting TXTplanet manage your SMS campaign, it allows you to do what you are good at, making money.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com