I find the act of gardening fulfilling and meditative. I like seeing things grow. Like TXTplanet which we just started and growing.

We have a tiny lot. Just 3,000 sq. Ft. Our house takes up a lot of the property. Not a whole lot of room for the anything else. The house is a contemporary design and has a nearly flat roof. There is just enough of a roof angle to allow for rain runoff. Flat roofs are very cool. They allow for all sorts of uses which are not available with a traditional pitched roof. They are easy to fix as well vs. a pitched roof.

I plan to plant a garden on our roof. Like TXTplanet is state of the art in the SMS advertising community I want my garden to be state of the art, too.

Here are some of the attributes I want for the garden.

Easy care.
Lightweight so not to stress the roof structure.
Any additions such as equipment and structures Can not puncture the roof membrane.
I want to grow vegetables and appearance plants and shrubs.
The garden needs to be Hydroponic not soil based.

The roof has a total of about 2000 square feet, so there is lots of room, but I am thinking for the first year we will be about starting off much smaller. Maybe 500 square feet of space to start.

What are we going to grow?
Italian Kale

Some evergreen shrubs and flowers.

In my research, there are two basic types of Hydroponic gardens that I see. The first is a horizontal garden, parallel to the ground. The plant layout is not dissimilar to any natural soil-based garden. Although in a hydroponic garden, the plants have a higher density than in a typical soil-based garden. There are better control and targeted delivery of nutrients with a Hydroponic garden which allows the higher density of plants. Typical of any traditional garden but without the dirt. The second is a vertical garden using a tower. The tower type is very appealing. The tower essentially allows for the multiplication of 10. In other words, one square foot of horizontal growing space can become ten square feet growing space by use of a tower. Ten times the plants you would have with the same footprint.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com