TXTplanet is a targeted advertising platform.  The biggest objection we get from prospective clients is that they are afraid there would be a backlash by SMS marketing recipients. Our experience and research say the opposite entirely.

However, we understand merchant concerns. From the beginning, TXTplanet offers three options for merchants contacting customers. These options are available whenever you want to send a text message. Every time you go to your dashboard and create a message we ask if you’re going to:
(a) Send a mass message your customer list.
(b) Send a mass message your list and the more substantial Member Merchant customer list.
(c) Send a message to individual customers.

TXTplanet is a highly targeted advertising platform that gives maximum flexibility to the member merchant.

These options give merchants the maximum flexibility and control of who receives your messages. Just want to reward your customers? You can do that using the TXTplanet Platform. Want to increase your reach to new customers you can do that too. Want to pick and choose who you contact? Yes, you can do that as well. TXTplanet makes it easy to communicate and advertise.

You may want to start off only texting your customers. New merchants are usually more comfortable doing that. Over time, merchants will want to explore the larger Member Merchant Group customer list. Remember 99% of local customers want to hear from local merchants. Research shows, only one percent of customers will stop messages.

TXTplanet costs are the same no matter what option the Member Merchant chooses, so there is no difference in what we charge the member merchant. One annual fee of $149.95 and a monthly price of $59.95 (first month free). Plus one penny per text both outgoing and incoming.

We designed the most efficient and effective marketing platform so that any company can afford it. On average, the cost to acquire a customer is $3.50*.

* Based on maximum 6-month costs.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com