SMS Marketing Service is a leader in SMS technology and SMS marketing.  By using its unique proprietary technology and unique bulk SMS service, all businesses can advertise their products and services at the lowest cost with the highest sale conversion rate. SMS has 40 percent higher sale conversion rate than any other advertising medium.

TXTplanet is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of local business and our communities.

SMS is the most effective marketing.  Not only is every text opened and read by the recipient, but SMS converts to a sale 40% higher than any other advertising.  Using TXTplanet benefits any merchant.  We group merchant members into non-competing groups by zip code.  Merchants decide their target zip code and the business category they are in.  Member merchants build their CRM, and they also have access the larger group member merchants CRM.  The TXTplanet platform prevents entry of your competitors from using our platform within your designated zip code territory.   Here are six significant benefits of using the TXTplanet marketing platform

(1) Exclusive territories (zip code) for your product or services. (2) Lowest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as low as 16 cents to gain a new customer. (3) Access up to 10,000 recipients from other member merchants CRMs (4) Easy to use with just one primary step (5) all equipment is provided free.  (6) Very low cost.


Bulk SMS marketing is the most effective, least expensive, and has the highest sale conversion rates versus any other advertising. (Check out our Power of the Cell Phone page.)  It connects and engages with your customer instantaneously.  Perfect for specific short time line advertising.  For example, if your salon has a cancellation at 3 pm today you can use TXTplanet to fill that space.

For a minimal cost our member merchants can achieve greater sales, customer engagement at levels which is simply not available with any other type of marketing.