Facebook finally Disabled 583M Fake Accounts.

Facebook finally disabled over 1/4 of it's accounts for being fake.  Facebook "disabled" 583 Million fake accounts in the first quarter of 2018. FB "disables" another 6.5 million fake [...]

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Calculator

TXTplanet Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator is up and running! The purpose of the calculator is so that any merchant or business operator can estimate the cost to gain a [...]

Digital vs Traditional Media

Advertising is big business. Advertising is a $207 Billion business. Advertising spends increased $24 Billion in just two years (2015-2017). All media spending is constant or in decline except [...]

TXTplanet Supports Universal Healthcare

What is a significant problem with the small business community? Healthcare. One of the most significant issues is attracting and retaining employees.  Small Business needs Universal Healthcare. Employees need [...]

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