We are addicted.  We are addicted to our phones.  People look at their phones on average 50 times a day and read every text.  We feel depressed if we do not get as many texts as we think we should have.  SMS (TXT) marketing is easily the most powerful and profitable advertising and lowest cost advertising.

Do you advertise now or is it too expensive? Do you not have time for managing advertising campaign? We can save you thousands of dollars and deliver hundreds of new customers. Do you have 30 seconds?

We believe that any company should be able to afford the most powerful advertising.

TXTplanet is a local and unique SMS marketing service.  We designed TXTplanet to give small and medium-sized businesses a huge advantage.

The issue is how do businesses increase their reach beyond their current customers at a cost they can afford?  TXTplanet solves this issue, by offering member merchants not only the ability to contact their existing customers but also reach customers of local non-competing member merchants. Recipients of member merchant want to buy goods and services from local merchants. Each member merchant has an exclusive territory.

We have three marketing options (at no additional cost and you can change options at any time):

(a) Only advertise to your customers.

(b) Mass advertise to your customers as well as the larger Merchant Group customers.

(c) Individually message individuals.

Would love to use TXTplanet but don’t have the time?  At no additional cost, TXTplanet can manage and operate your advertising campaign using our expertise and data.

Below, we can now calculate the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Total Aditional Sales (for six months) and ROI using TXTplanet.


(a) Easy

(b) Low cost. Very low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Typically $3.50 per new customer. Any business can afford TXTplanet.

(c) Advertise to thousands of local customers not only from your contact list but access contacts from the merchant members group list, or message individual contacts.

(d) Merchant members have an exclusive territory. Direct competitors cannot join the group after you do.

(e) Every text is read immediately.

(f) (Optional) TXTplanet can manage and operate your account at no extra cost. Saving you Time and Money!


Typical maximum cost is $1800 (total for 6 months) or $3.50 per new customer


First month free.

Cancel at any time.

Referral Program

Get $100 for every business you refer to TXTplanet that becomes a member.

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Michael Kitson COO TXTplanet.com

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