SMS technology & SMS Marketing Employment Opportunities

TXTplanet has employment openings:

TXTplanet is a small new small company. We are looking for talented people to fill employment vacancies.  Here is a brief outline of TXTplanet and you can find more information on us on our About page

TXTplanet is a unique SMS marketing service and bulk SMS (text) marketing platform. TXTplanet group together non-competing member merchants into marketing zip codes. As such, each merchant member has an exclusive territory. Using the power of the group of noncompeting merchants TXTplanet collects thousands of legal permissions.  TXTplanet never allows the information collected by one merchant to pass to another merchant.  Using the TXTplanet platform all the recipient’s information is secure and we have an outside auditor that makes sure that member merchants receive the service that they pay for.  In Summary not only does a member merchant build their recipient list but they can SMS (text) thousands of new recipients.  Our proprietary system gives member merchants a very effective and low-cost way to advertise to more customers. In summary, TXTplanet is a great platform to grow your business.

Employment opportunities in the following positions;

  • Customer service and sales positions.
  • Website / WordPress content experts
  • Google WordPress SEO expert
  • Programmers, engineers familiar with SMS marketing.
  • Must be curious;  willing to learn and explore new techniques and processes that will enhance our customers experience.
  • Explore the latest SMS technology and SMS marketing and bring them to the TXTplanet platform.
  • Guided by moral and ethical policies, and the feeling that our community comes first.
  • Ensure that security of customer data
  • Want to share in company growth and profitability through company shares and profit sharing.

If you are interested please contact: