Frequently Asked Questions

Powerful marketing so inexpensive it is almost free.

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TXTplanet sends you a dedicated tablet. It walks your customer through a few simple steps and automatically sends their approval to our database.

No. It is in the interest of each member merchant to collect as many recipient permissions as possible.

Once a merchant has joined there can not be a directly competing merchant in that group. For example, if there is a pizza restaurant in the group, no other pizza restaurant can join that group. However, if an Asian restaurant may join the same group as a pizza restaurant.

It should take no longer than 2 weeks to receive the pre-programmed tablet.

The first tablet is on us. We will replace the lost tablet for an additional $50.00.

TXTplanet allows member merchants to text their own sourced recipients an unlimited number of times. TXTplanet limits the number of marketing texts to the recipients not sourced directly by the member merchant (i.e., other recipients in the merchant group) to twice a month.

A maximum of 80 non-competing merchants.