Benefits of Using

Bulk / Mass Text (SMS) messaging for almost free.

TXTplanet is a SMS marketing service.  98% of texts are read, and the vast majority are read within 3 minutes of receipt. People look at their phones on average 50 times a day. Text marketing is more powerful and results in greater sales than any other media. Typical Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is $3.50*  TXTplanet offers merchants not only the ability to market to their customers but also the ability to reach thousands of potential customers. Customers want to buy goods and services from local businesses. By joining a group of non-competing merchants, you have a significant advantage over your direct competitors. Further, TXTplanet supports merchant members by assisting with building customer lists and supplying free research results for the most effective marketing to realize greater profitability, customer retention, and loyalty.

(1) TXTplanet merchant members have an exclusive territory.  None of their direct competitors are allowed to join the same group of member merchants. For example, if a member merchant sells pizza, no other pizza seller can join the same member merchant group.

(2) Too busy to manage and operate an advertising campaign?  Let TXTplanet do it for you.  We keep you informed and you approve  every step.  We do this for Free.  All you have to do is collect the customer signature using our tablet.

(3) 97% of all texts are read. 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt. No other media is this powerful.

(4) Sale conversion rate using SMS marketing is 40% higher than any other advertising.  No other advertising is as effective.

(5)  TXTplanet is the lowest cost SMS marketing platform. Typical Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is $3.50*. (*Based on maximum costs for 6 months) Visit our Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator.  Nobody beats TXTplanet on price.

(6) We provide the maximum flexibility of targeted marketing.  The member merchant has the option to send messages (a) to customers on their own list (b) customers on their own list as well as the larger member merchant group list or (c) send a message to an individual customer. The Member Merchant can change options at anytime and at no additional cost.

(7) TXTplanet uses ongoing research developed by the experiences of our member merchants to advise member merchants how to increase their business.  This research is free to members.