TXTplanet and the Environment

In the spirit of full disclosure, TXTplanet competes with junk mail. TXTplanet does not have a carbon footprint outside of a few computers sitting on a few desks. We are a clean business. No tree has died because of sending SMS messages.

Stop the Junk Mail Insanity!

Simple facts about junk mail:

Every American receives 41 pounds of paper advertising a year

  • 5.6 Million tons of junk mail goes to landfills every year.
  • 137 million trees are destroyed every year to produce paper advertising.
  • We spend an average of 8 months of our life to wade through and throw out advertising
  • Pollution caused by junk mail equals the pollution of 657,000 cars.
  • Toxins from junk mail leech into our waterways and drinking water.

There is no need for paper advertising. 80% of junk mail recipients want the junk to stop.The US taxpayer subsidized USPS almost $18 billion (2017) so it could deliver it to your home. Much of the subsidy came from the Medicare Fund!!

If a business or politician wants to use paper advertising, let them pay first class postage so at least USPS can recover their costs.

It is time to stop this total waste of time, resources, and pollution of the environment. Enough is enough, tell your congressman to put a stop to junk mail.

We are going to have pushback from companies that want to advertise using the mail. Their lobbyists will say their product is needed and that the USPS needs the income. They say it is one of the only ways for companies and small business to get their message out to the public.

The fact is, that is untrue. The TXTplanet messaging platform can get out any companies message quickly and with much better results. At a fraction of the cost and zero degradation to the environment.  See the benefits of using TXTplanet.com.

Using TXTplanet will not cause a single tree from being cut down.