Merchant Referral Program

We believe that any company should be able to afford the most powerful advertising.

TXTplanet is a unique SMS marketing company. Rather than paying commissions to salespeople, we want to reward member merchants through a referral program.  We want you to refer many companies to join other TXTplanet member merchants.  There is no limit on how many companies you can refer.

Often local business owners have friends and associates which are like-minded individuals with similar goals, aspirations, and problems.  TXTplanet solves the problem of how to advertise to new customers with limited budgets.  TXTplanet SMS marketing is almost free when compared to any other form of advertising.

We encourage member merchants to promote and refer other noncompeting companies to TXTplanet.  Every time that a referred business joins TXTplanet pays $100.00.  If your business refers ten companies and if they all join you will get $1,000.00.  That is very cool.  If your organization is small or if you depend on fundraising this referral program is a perfect fit.  The benefits of being a member merchant are many.

It is also in your interest to refer TXTplanet to as many businesses as possible.  Not only does your company or organization financially benefit but it will also help your business to access the broader text (SMS) recipient list. That means more customers for you.

There two main benefits of the TXTplanet referral program:

(1) by recommending good merchants, they will join and build their recipient list quickly which will help you by providing valuable recipient contacts for your SMS marketing.

(2) By referring companies you will get paid $100.00 everytime they join. There is no limit on how many companies you can refer.