We know how difficult it is for an organization to raise funds. Employees of TXTplanet have spent 30 years of service to nonprofits and community organizations. We are trying to make significant fundraising easy.

Fundraising is difficult and very time-consuming. Usually, it falls on the same members every year. They organize and work on the fundraising projects. Member “Burnout” is caused by a disproportionate workload on the same people every year. TXTplanet makes finding new members and fundraising easy.

No matter your organization we offer three ways to raise money. This additional revenue could easily be a significant part of a organizations income. They are:

(1) The unique TXTplanet SMS marketing platform allows nonprofits and organizations to reach a broader audience of prospective donors, and members. By using our SMS marketing service, your organization can reach thousands of like-minded people. We designed our platform to be the most cost-effective. We do a free Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) analysis based on your business so that you will know what your costs are.

(2) Nonprofits should promote and refer TXTplanet SMS marketing to their membership. For every referred merchant or organization that joins TXTplanet, the referring organization will receive a $50.00 donation. For example. If a nonprofit refers 100 merchants to TXTplanet and they join the nonprofit, the organization will receive $5,000. Referring a company or organization to TXTplanet is easy. Have them fill in your contact info on the signup form.

(3) TXTplanet gives annual grants to the two highest performing organizations in each state. The winners are determined by the number of merchants or organizations that they refer to TXTplanet. These grants could have a significant impact on your organization.

Any questions or comments? Contact us at for details.

In order for the non-profit to receive the funds the following must happen:

  • The non-profit and its contact information including proof of being a non-profit must be provided to TXTplanet.

  • The member must be always be in good standing with TXTplanet.

  • Funds are only paid to the non-profit after a 90-day waiting period.

  • There can only be one non-profit per member.