Here are some of the reasons why TXTplanet SMS advertsing is the strongest advertising.  TXTplanet allows member merchants to advertise to thousands of people that are not that particular merchants customers.  Thereby increasing the reach 80x their own customer list.

  • 97% of people text

  • 8 times more powerful than email

  • 98% of all texts are read

  • Conversion (Buy) rate 40% higher than any other medium

  • 90% of all text are opened within 3 minutes

  • 55% of people would rather receive a text than a phone cal

  • People look at their phone on average 150 times a day

Other Types of Advertising

Social Media advertising is a hoax and immoral.  As many people have quoted “you are the product.”  Facebook and other social media sites sell their users information to unscrupulous companies such as Cambridge Analytica.  Eighty-five million FB users were sent false information to alter the voting behavior of US citizens.  Need further proof of the decline of FB? They are losing millions of users in all age groups.

Newspaper advertising.  Expensive and ineffective compared to SMS.  Everyone knows about the decline of newspapers.  Ask the paperboy.

Email. Only 20% of email gets read, and recipients are not going to choose to read your ads.  Even MailChimp the largest bulk email service in the world is upfront with the decline of email advertising.

Radio. is declining in listeners so rapidly that it will not be around in 10 years.  Total waste of money.  Music streaming services have decimated radio.

TV ads are expensive, and unless it is a Super Bowl ads, no one watches it. Total waste of money. 

Junk Mail.  95 percent of recipients throw it in the garbage and don’t look at it.