Pricing Plan …

We believe that any company should be able to afford the most powerful advertising.


+ $59.95/month – first month free!
+ $.01 per outgoing text
+ $.01 per incoming text


TXTplanet SMS marketing cost is so inexpensive that any company can afford TXTplanet’s state of the art advertising. SMS (text) messaging is by far the most effective and least expensive way to sell your products and services. (Check out our Power of the Cell Phone page.) SMS is 40 percent more effective to get the customer to buy a member merchants product or service. TXTplanet matches the power of the cell phone and the power of merchant groups. TXTplanet brings local non-competing businesses together into marketing groups. They are grouped by zip code. TXTplanet gives member merchants a legal and easy platform to contact SMS recipients that would not otherwise be available to them. TXTplanet legally collects customer data and securely maintains it. Each merchant member can then reach thousands of potential customers from the list.

TXTplanet legal SMS marketing has the lowest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of any advertising.  It can do this by these simple truths.

  • TXTplanet is designed for all businesses no matter how large they are.
  • TXtplanet SMS marketing cost is the lowest of any advertising.
  • TXTplanet SMS marketing allows any member merchant to expand their advertising beyond just their list of customers by sharing other member merchants lists within their zip code group.
  • TXTplanet doesn’t have lots of shareholders that we have to pay.  We are small and like it that way.
  • Our motive is to get main street businesses healthy again by allowing any company to compete for almost no cost.
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